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Friday, September 30, 2011

Harris Poll on E-reader's habits

Here’s yet another survey suggesting e-readers are here to stay and growing.  Here are some of the highlights of the poll:

  • One in six Americans (15%) uses an e-Reader device up from less than one in ten (8%) a year ago.
  • Those who do not have an e-Reader, one in six (15%) say they are likely to get an e-Reader device in the next six months.
  • Overall, 16% of Americans read between 11 and 20 books a year with one in five reading 21 or more books in a year (20%).  Those who have an e-Reader, one-third read 11-20 books a year (32%) and over one-quarter read 21 or more books in an average year (27%).
  • One-third of Americans (32%) say they have not purchased any books in the past year compared to only 6% of e-Reader users who say the same.
  • One in ten Americans purchased between 11 and 20 books (10%) or 21 or more books (9%) in the past year.   Those who use e-readers, 17% purchased between 11 and 20 and 17% purchased 21 or more books in the past year.
  • Half of both e-Reader users (50% and non-users (51%) say they read the same amount as they did six months ago.
  • 24%  of non e-Reader users say they are reading less than they did before (compared to just 8% of e-Reader users), over one-third of e-Reader users (36%) say they are reading more compared to just 16% of non-users.


Unknown said...

Good stats. However, they are all US based. There are a number of Canadian stores - wondered if you could start to include some stats in your postings as it's quite a different market - particularly for e-readers and types of general books. It is also a much smaller market.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the US stats. I wondered if you could include some Canadian stats in future postings as it's quite a different market here with regards to e-readers and types of titles that Canadians read - and of course, we're a much smaller market.

Dr. Mark R. Nelson, MBA, CAE said...

Good suggestion. It is harder to find the Canadian stats, but if someone has them and is willing to share, I am quite willing to post. (Same too for any other countries).