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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Welcome to the CITE

Welcome to the CITE -- a new blog on Course materials, Innovation, and Technology in Education. CITE is a pun with multiple meanings - referring to cite as in citation, something people reference; site as in location, website, or place people go to; and sight as in foresight or looking ahead to what is coming. The CITE will be about insight…into what is going on right now, what is coming down the road, and how to prepare for it. Comments, discussion, feedback and ideas are welcome and encourged so that the CITE becomes your site for reference on the topics covered.

This is my first blog, so constructive criticism and ideas on how to make the blog more useful are welcome too. To start, I will likely reference recent news stories and developments, or comment on notes from conferences and meetings. Over time I will probably build in more analysis and commentary, and respond to questions raised by you.

So, welcome to the CITE!