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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How e-readers and e-books could win mass appeal

An interesting article from TWICE explains that some analysts are predicting mass appeal of e-readers and e-books if the technology is adopted by schools. Josh Martin, Yankee Group Senior Analyst commented, “I’m not really bullish that this will be a mass-market product. But if schools adopt the devices, the market could take off.” For universities such as Northwest Missouri State that are piloting e-readers and e-textbooks this semester, there could be a gradual switch to the digital versions this fall. For schools that have yet to experience the technology, the shift to digital could take more time but as more schools begin offering digital options, we could see the transition gain speed. Stores must begin preparing for the transition to digital if or perhaps when e-readers and e-books gain mass appeal.

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tony Cole said...

Hi, I read this post with considerable interest,and will be following the various links you gave in it, as I am researching this topic (eReaders for schools) for a post I am writing for my blog (www.ebookanoid.com) on this topic.
My wife who works in an international school here in the Philippines has been talking to the school's Librarians to try and encourage them to take the step of adding eReaders to their library, not as a replacement for paper books, but as a very useful addition to them. As has been pointed out on various blogs, eReaders offer teachers enormous flexibility in the books they ask the kids to read... And in the case of international schools, in the long term, a large saving in postage costs (books are heavy!)
Best wishes, Tony