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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fujitsu’s color display e-reader

A recent posting on CNET features a close-up look at the color E Ink display on Fujitsu’s e-reader. As mentioned in a prior posting, until recently the e-reader was only available for trial in a Tokyo restaurant but now it is available for pre-order and is scheduled to begin shipping on April 20 in Japan. There is no word yet on when the e-reader might be available for purchase in the U.S. Another posting on the Wired Blog explains that the device appears to be more like a hybrid of a tablet and e-reader because it comes with Window CE5 operating system which supports e-mail, web browsing, and spreadsheets among other functions. With capabilities such as these, the device becomes more than just a color e-reader and consumers may be more likely to purchase it. We look forward to hearing the reviews next month.

Update on 3/26/09:
Here is another recent story on the Fujitsu e-reader:

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