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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

GameFly partners with Barnes & Noble to test game rental kiosks in college stores

A recent article explains that Gamefly, an online video game rental service, has partnered with Barnes & Noble to test out game rental kiosks in college stores. The kiosks will provide students with the opportunity to rent hundreds of popular games for various gaming systems without a return date or late fees. The first kiosk was launched last Wednesday at the Texas Tech campus store and GameFly plans to install similar machines in stores across the country.


Melvin said...

Thanks for your information. I thinks it's a good idea that GameFly partners with Barnes & Noble to test game rental kiosk in college stores. Anyway, if you have time visit my Free Games website :)

Kiara said...

The merging of these establishments will make the students even happier. Well they wouldn't be worried on the penalties anymore just in case they forgot to return on due date. I have several Download Games to pass you along, hope you can visit the site. :D