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Monday, November 2, 2015

ACE Launches Alternative Credit Project

The American Council on Education (ACE) submitted 111 low- or no-cost general education online courses to be part of its new Alternative Credit Project. Forty colleges and universities participating in the program will grant credit for these courses, which include business, critical thinking and writing, foreign language, humanities, mathematics, and natural and physical sciences.

ACE will collect data from the institutions on the number of credits accepted through the program, along with the progress and success rates of students who transfer in the courses. ACE uses faculty from regionally accredited institutions to review all courses in the Alternative Credit Project Ecosystem (ACPE) before they earn a credit recommendation.

“Nontraditional students, who often are balancing multiple family and career demands, now know where they can turn to take courses that will help them reduce the time and expense required to gain a postsecondary degree or credential at a number of outstanding institutions,” Deborah Seymour, ACE assistant vice president for education attainment and innovation, said in a press release.

The cost of the courses varies, but no participating provider is charging more than $300 per course, which includes course materials except lab kits.

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