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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Conference to Work on Textbook Affordability

The cost of course materials has become a white-hot issue in higher education, with fingers of blame pointed in multiple directions. The second annual Textbook Affordability Conference hopes to shift the focus to working on solutions to help students.

The 2016 conference—which aims to bring together professionals from across postsecondary academia, educational policymaking, and content production and distribution—will take place April 27-29 at the University of California-Davis.

NACS is coordinating the development of the 2016 program, which will include nationally known speakers, workshops, and discussion. Informational sessions with solution providers may also be available.

The conference is open to provosts and other higher education leaders, faculty, librarians, directors and course materials managers from campus bookstores, political leaders, open education resource developers, content providers, and others.

Registration will open later. Fees will be $400 for government aned institutional attendees, and $700 for representatives of supplier companies. Fees include all sessions, meals, and receptions.

For an overview, go to www.nacs.org/TAC.

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