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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Students Wanted Apple Gifts for Christmas

Most college students wanted cash or clothing for Christmas, but electronics were not far behind. Chegg, the online textbook rental company, polled more than 800 college students in the middle of December and found that 52% were asking for electronics, including 67% of the male respondents.

Apple topped the list of desired gadgets in most categories. More than half (51%) of the students said they wanted a new iPhone and nearly 40% wanted a Mac laptop. Beats, which was recently acquired by Apple, was the headphone of choice for 46% of the students.

Girls were more enamored with Apple than male respondents. Nearly 60% said they wanted to find an iPhone under the tree and 55% wanted Beats headphones compared to 44% of the males who wanted an iPhone and 33% for Beats. Nearly 30% of all respondents listed a Samsung smartphone and 30% of the male students preferred Bose headphones.

When it comes to tablet computers, 47% of the female students and 41% of the male wanted an iPad while Microsoft products came in second (22% of the females and 24% of the males).

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