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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CSUN E-Text Initiative Is Helping Students

California State University, Northridge, launched an e-text initiative last year, providing grants to faculty members to produce course materials for tablets and other mobile devices. Since its launch, 70 CSUN faculty members have provided content, as well as workshops and one-on-one support.

The content varies from textbooks (26%) to manuals (48%), companion pieces (22%), and supplemental reading (4%). Materials include interactive activities, images, and audio and video components.

The university estimates the project has saved students $50 per class since it was launched. CSUN statistics also showed that 14% of students will save more than $100 and 23% will save at least $50.

“The e-texts that professors are writing are an extension of what CSUN professors have always poured energy into,” said biology professor Paul Wilson in a report at AmericanTowns.com. “Twenty years ago, the books would have been photocopied. Now, they are released from the constraints of photocopying. They can be rich in multimedia and fun little activities.”

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