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Monday, December 22, 2014

Online Tech to Jolt Higher Ed in 2015

Virtual reality, holograms, and online learning are the three emerging technologies that may shake up higher education the most in 2015, according to the Education Dive blog.

Online learning might seem like an odd choice for this short list—after all, isn’t online learning “old” technology by now? Not in the view of writer Roger Riddell, who sees the current online academic offerings as just a start.

Riddell points to signs that postsecondary education is developing online platforms in order to be able to provide instruction more targeted to specific work skills and in shorter time frames. “It’s only a matter of time before students have the ability to learn anything they desire from anyone at any institution,” he said.

Holograms are among the tech tools that will enhance online learning, by projecting class lectures, demonstrations, performances, and even re-creations of historic events to remote locations such as students’ homes.

Virtual reality is another tool supporting online education. Already popular with students interested in gaming, virtual reality is being adapted for class instruction. Students already use it to practice dissections in medical biology classes, for instance. However, a number of colleges and universities are exploring virtual reality for recruitment purposes, to immerse prospective students in a tour of the campus without actually having to visit.

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