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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One-Size-Fits-All Email Gets Overlooked

Many higher education institutions still use campus email to communicate important information to students or promote upcoming events. All too often, students simply ignore those messages.

One reason may be that many people manage email through their phone and they simply don’t bother with messages that are too hard to read on the small screen, according to a report in Mobile Commerce Daily. The report said a survey by The Relevancy Group determined that 73% of consumers access email via mobile phone, with 31% employing the phone as their main means of checking email. The percentage goes even higher with younger consumers.

The problem doesn’t lie with short, text-only messages. The culprits are lengthy messages and especially email with graphics that aren’t formatted in a responsive design, which would serve up a readable version based on the user’s device. So recipients tend to just hit delete.

“Thirty-two percent of respondents complained that messaging for mobile was too small to read and interact with, so utilizing device-specific tecniques such as responsive design and device detection should be at the forefront of how marketers approach mobile email,” said Justin Foster, co-founder and vice president of market development at LiveClicker, sponsor of the survey.

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