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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First high school to replace printed textbooks with Sony Readers

According to a recent news release, Blyth Academy high school in Canada will be the first school to issue Sony Readers to all of its students in place of printed textbooks. Beginning this week, each student will use a new Sony Reader Touch device that contains textbooks from publishers such as Pearson Canada as well as assignments, reference materials, background reading, outlines, and personal timetables. Students will also have access to e-books from the Toronto Public Library, free e-books from Google, and digital materials for applying to colleges and universities.

Sam Blyth, Chair of Blyth Academy, commented on the initiative and provided some interesting information about a recent student survey. Blyth said, “The digital content we've acquired, coupled with the students' Sony Readers, will dramatically improve student access to textbooks, collateral material, literature and reading in general. Our student survey shows that they are twice as likely to read a book available in an e-book format as in hard copy form.”

Tim Algate, Reader Product Manger with Sony Canada, also noted that Sony is interested in the student’s feedback. Algate commented, “We're excited about how the Sony Reader can enhance a student's learning experience. We'll be listening to these students, using their feedback to evolve our Reader offering for education.”

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