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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Asus dual screen e-reader

A few weeks ago, we heard rumors about a potential Microsoft tablet/booklet called Courier that includes two multi-touch screens and opens like a book. We also learned about three new e-readers that include both E Ink and LCD technology - Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Entourage Systems’ Edge, and a device from Spring Design. You can view the posting here.

Recent reports say that Asus could also launch a new dual screen device in the coming months. An article from the Times Online reports that the device will have two color screens with a hinged spine similar to the potential Courier device. Consumers could use the screens to read an e-book like a physical book and turn the pages from one screen to the next. In addition, one screen can be used as a virtual keyboard so that the device could function as a laptop. Asus may release both budget and premium versions of the device. According to the article, the company hopes that the budget version will be the cheapest e-reader on the market.

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