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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Entourage launches e-book store for the eDGe e-reader

A few weeks ago, Entourage Systems introduced a two-screen e-reader called the eDGe. The device was designed for education and features both an E Ink screen and a LCD screen. The E Ink screen is designed for reading and taking notes while the LCD screen can be used for browsing the internet, sending e-mails, and playing audio or video content.

When the device begins shipping in February 2010, users will have access to the Entourage e-book store that just launched today. Entourage has partnered with Ingram Digital for professional and trade titles and LibreDigital for e-books and periodicals. Users will also be able to download Google’s free public domain e-books.

According to the press release, Entourage will be announcing additional partnerships in the coming weeks. The addition of e-textbooks could be announced at that time. Entourage’s website currently shows that e-textbooks will be coming soon.

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