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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sony introduces the Daily Edition wireless e-reader

After Sony introduced its two new non-wireless e-readers earlier this month, there was much speculation that it would soon release a third wireless device. On Tuesday, at an event in New York, Sony announced that it will release a wireless e-reader in December called the Daily Edition. The device will have a 7” touch screen and will utilize AT&T’s 3G network. Initially the device will only connect to the Sony e-book store but according to a posting on the American Booksellers Association (ABA) website, Sony is working with ABA, other retailers, as well as traditional and digital publishers to make more ePub content available for the Sony Readers.

Sony also announced that it will partner with OverDrive to enable customers to access their local library’s collection of e-books through Sony’s e-book store. Customers will be able to enter their library card number and check out e-books for a specified lending period. A posting from Gizmodo points out that each library has an actual stock of e-books so if a certain title is checked out, a customer will have to wait until another customer’s lending period expires.

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