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Thursday, August 13, 2009

CourseSmart e-textbooks available on the iPhone

CourseSmart has become the latest company to join in on the Apple iPhone app trend and has released an app for its e-textbooks. According to an article from The Wall Street Journal, CourseSmart subscribers will be able to access the free iPone app to review the textbooks they have purchased as well as utilize a search function. Subscribers will also be able to review any notes that were added to the content from their PC. The app does not let users add or edit the notes but that feature will be made available in the future. With CourseSmart subscriptions, students can typically access a text for 180-days so it is assumed that the books will be available on the iPhone app for the same time period.

Frank Lyman, CourseSmart's executive vice president commented on how the app could be used, “Nobody is going to use their iPhone to do their homework, but this does provide real mobile learning. If you're in a study group and you have a question, you can immediately access your text."

In addition, an article from CNET features a video demonstration of the new app.

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