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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Booktopia book vending machines

According to a posting from Inside Retailing, next month the Booktopia book store will launch book vending machines in Australia. The company plans to roll-out 200 machines over the next year in such locations as malls, hospitals, and hotels. The machines will include a range of bestsellers and discounted books. Book vending machines are also successful in the UK where they can be found in various locations such as subway stations.


karmstrong said...

Book Vending machines are a great idea. They can be placed anywhere as mentioned, hospitals, malls, even stores. They have a good profit and with the recent economy more people are trying to spend less and reading is a good outlet for entertainment.

Coke Machines said...

Next thing that we will see on the market is a combo coke machine and book vending machine. Hey kill 2 birds with one stone.