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Monday, August 17, 2009

California releases first report of digital textbook review

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has released the first report of the review of digital textbooks for the state of California’s digital textbook initiative. As a reminder, the initiative aims to begin replacing print textbooks with free online digital e-books in K-12 classes. The first phase of the plan will give high school students access to science and math digital textbooks beginning this fall.

According to the press release, the recent report includes a review of 16 math and science books. Of the 16 books, four books met all of the standards and ten books met at least 90 percent of the standards making a total of 14 books available for download and use this fall. Schools can make the books available to students through downloads on the computer, projection on a screen, printing by chapter, or printing and binding the books, allowing schools without access to computers to utilize the free content.

According to an article from Santa Cruz Sentinel, some districts in Santa Cruz County are not ready to incorporate the e-books into the curriculum this fall due to access and affordability concerns.

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