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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Barnes & Noble partners with Irex

In an effort to keep up with Amazon, Irex Technologies will partner with Barnes & Noble online bookstore when it releases an e-reader in the U.S. this fall. Currently, Irex sells e-reader devices in Europe but has yet to release a device in the U.S. According to the press release, the new e-reader will feature an 8.1 inch touch-screen and 3G wireless connection. The device will also be available for purchase in Barnes & Noble stores and online.

A comment from Kevin Hamilton, North American CEO of IREX Technologies, suggests that Irex could partner with other content providers to provide users with additional content options. Hamilton said, “We will change the dynamics of the consumer market – users want to easily purchase content from a variety of sources and we will allow them to read it on an IREX eReader as well as other devices."

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