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Friday, July 17, 2009

Digital Happenings

Here, again this week, are some links to articles that you may find interesting:

  • The New York Times recently featured an article about the textbook rental service, Chegg.com. The article notes that the business is growing rapidly and credits “word of mouth” publicity for their recent growth.
  • A recent article says that Amazon plans to launch the Kindle in the UK before Christmas 2009.
  • An interesting new website called FriendShopper is designed to simulate in-store shopping by providing users with a real-time social online shopping experience.
  • An article from Campus Technology discusses how Texas A&M is successfully using social media marketing tactics to engage students.
  • An article from E-Commerce Times questions if the new lower price of the Kindle 2 will be enough to attract customers in the down economy. A posting from the Bits Blog notes that the new price is a result of the decreasing cost to manufacture the device and the increase in volume of Kindle sales.
  • An interesting article from Fast Company discusses how the Redbox kiosks are succeeding with the “power of in-between technology.”

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