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Monday, July 27, 2009

Blackboard partners with NBC News and Vanderbilt University Library

Last week, Blackboard announced that it had acquired iPhone app creator, Terriblyclever Design, and now the company has entered into partnerships with both NBC News and Vanderbilt University Library. According to the press release, Blackboard will work with NBC Learn, the educational arm of NBC News, to offer K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, digital news content via the e-learning platform. The NBC News archive has a vast amount of content and dates back to the introduction of television broadcast. Steve Capus, President of NBC News commented, “By making the rich resources of NBC News available to educators and students we are bridging the divide between traditional teaching methods and the interactive media culture in which today's students reside. It's often been said that journalists help write the first drafts of history. Now, through our instantly updated NBC News archives, history can come alive in the classroom."

A second press release says that Blackboard has partnered with Vanderbilt University Library to make their integration for Apple iTunes U application available to Blackboard users. The integration will provide other universities with a tool to enable faculty and students to access multimedia content from iTunes U within the Blackboard platform.

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