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Friday, July 3, 2009

Digital happenings

While the blog highlights many of the digital happenings affecting our industry, there is often more going on than we have a chance to cover. Here are some other related stories that might be of interest.

  • The New Yorker recently featured Malcolm Gladwell’s review of Chris Anderson’s new book: “Free: the future of a radical price.” Gladwell captures some of the core ideas that should be of interest to booksellers and publishers.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education has an interesting article written by Tim Barton, president of Oxford University Press, Inc., that discusses Oxford University Press’ opinion of Google Book Search.
  • The American Society for Training & Development website recently featured a very interesting posting about innovation.
  • This week, Wattpad, an e-book sharing community that lets users create e-books for others to download, announced a new app to let users download content to Android-enabled devices, blackberry and iPhone apps already exist. About 10,000 stories are published on the site every month

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Luke said...

Great links, right up our alley. Thanks for sharing.