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Monday, July 6, 2009

New e-readers to hit the market

Borders UK and Elonex have just released an e-reader for the UK market. According to Elonex’s website, the 6-inch device has an E Ink screen and comes loaded with 100 free e-books. Additional books can be downloaded from the Borders eBook Download Store and then transferred onto the device. With a 4GB expansion card, the device can store an additional 8,000 books. The new e-reader will be compete against the Sony Reader which is the only e-reader device currently available in the UK. It is expected that the Amazon Kindle among other devices could be available in the UK later this year.

According to an article from BusinessWeek, AT&T is working on an e-reader device that could be available later this year. The article does not provide many details but says that the device will be similar to the Kindle and use AT&T’s wireless 3G network. It is possible that AT&T could partner with companies such as Sony or Plastic Logic.

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