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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is Amazon working on a large screen Kindle?

An article from The Wall Street Journal indicates that a new large screen Kindle could be released just in time for the holidays this year. Amazon has not confirmed the rumor but some insiders say they have seen a version of the device. Whether or not the rumor is true, there are likely several large screen e-readers in development. Jennifer Colegrove, the director of display technology research at DisplaySearch confirmed that suppliers for several e-readers have been working on screens that measure 10 inches diagonally and she estimates that the world-wide market for e-readers will triple in 2009 to three million, up from one million in 2008. (Note: that is better than exponential growth).

As mentioned previously, there is also speculation that Apple is working on a large screen device that could be released this fall. If these rumors are true, then both companies and perhaps others could become viable competitors in the textbook market later this year. This is just another sign that the e-book space is starting to heat up and that we may be passing the “knee of the curve” when it comes to e-books.

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