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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Apple hits its one billionth app download in just nine months

Apple's countdown to the one billionth app download ended last week when a lucky winner downloaded the “Bump” app. If you have not heard of “Bump” yet, it is a pretty cool free app that lets users swap contact information by bumping two phones together. Appropriately, the winner was a thirteen year-old and just this week there is a new research report out that indicates that teens have been cutting back spending in many areas due to the economy but one area that has been less affected – digital products. An article from Advertising Age notes, “Teens are not willing to live without things such as music, DVDs, video games, and video-game systems.” As teens become more and more immersed in digital in and out of the classroom and Apple begins the count to its two billionth download, we must consider how these factors will affect our industry in the future.

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