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Monday, April 6, 2009

More e-readers soon to be on the market

An article from Yahoo! Tech explains that Verizon Wireless has been approached by five companies to provide wireless connections to e-readers. The article does not confirm who the companies are but explains that Verizon is looking to enter parts of the e-book market that the Kindle is not currently in, more specifically, the college textbook market. This news provides further verification that the higher education textbook market is under a great deal of pressure to change. We can expect current players in the space and companies looking to enter our market to introduce e-readers designed specifically for textbooks within the year. What is not clear yet is what the business models will look like and if the companies will choose to work with us or against us.

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Paul Topping said...

It is good to hear about the action in etextbooks and readers that work with them. It has always surprised me that this has not happened sooner. Textbooks benefit so much more from the digital format than other books. And most students already have PCs and other digital devices on which to read them. I hope the makers of etextbooks and their readers remember to include support for MathML for the math in educational and technical books in order to make it accessible to students with disabilities and interoperable with analytical applications running on the same PC.