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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lots happening...

As I predicted last week, there are a lot of articles in the back-to-school period talking about what is going on with digital and textbooks. At least a couple significant news pieces appear amidst the set released so far this week. Apparently there will be another news release later today about the new arrrangement between CourseSmart and OhioLINK. I have only sketchy details of that arrangement right now, but will post more information and a link to the release as it becomes available.

There also continues to be speculation about the new Kindle for textbooks. A piece appears in the Chronicle of Higher Education this week. Even the Washington Post had an opinion piece on the subject. Most of the speculation appears to have been stirred up by the recent piece in the Seattle Post Intelligencer. Many stores have inquired about being able to offer the Kindle in the store, but Amazon has not partnered with retail outlets for distribution before, so working out such a model will take time, and there are guarantees both sides would want to protect their brands and positions. Such an arrangement might not be an impossibility, though. College stores do bring some unique value propositions to the table that Amazon should find of use. More on that topic is likely to follow in the months ahead.

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