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Friday, August 15, 2008

New Videos from e-textbook vendors...

It is almost back-to-school time and there are a range of videos on e-books out there from different suppliers. I will admit, some are truly horrible -- one (as a colleague of mine pointed out) could be an ad as to why NOT buy the e-book. There are some more creative videos out there though. Here are a series from CourseSmart:

Print v Digital 1
Print v Digital 2
Print v Digital 3

and another series with great humor from VitalSource, posted back in January:

The Lecture Part 2 The Lecture Part 2

Back in May, I posted some great YouTube videos from the University of Missouri Bookstore. They have some new ones in the series that I did not see before, and if you enjoyed the last ones, you will like these too.

I don't hate the bookstore -- the date
I don't hate the bookstore -- flashback
I don't hate the bookstore -- ham sandwich

Here's another that has been around for a while -- from North of the Border:

Used Textbooks

Plus a final one from Divine Comedy -- not one bookstores may like, but hey, we have to learn to laugh at ourselves once in a while.

The Book Buyback

Anyone have some other favorite videos to share related to e-books? Have a great weekend!

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