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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Forces affecting higher education -- update...

Yes, as I noted in the prior posting, this is the 2006 map and a new one is under development for 2009. If you sign up for the updates they tell you that:
In 2006, we released the Map of Future Forces Affecting Education. The broad theme of that map was the impact on learning of new forms of participation. It spurred many discussions, presentations, and connections for you. In January, we are releasing a new forecast map that reflects evolving trends in the world of education. Participation has advanced to such a level that the focus of the 2009 Map is on remaking learning to meet the needs of local and global communities.

If you sign up for the updates, they will give you "sneak peeks" into some of the elements that will be on the new map in 2009.

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