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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

EdX Cure for the Summertime Slide

There’s more to summer than good times, relaxation, and vacations. The time away from school makes students susceptible to “summer slide.”

While “summer slide” research tends to focus on how parents should work with their K-12 students on their reading skills, edX and the National Summer Learning Association teamed up to launch a collection of more than 60 courses on core subjects for high school and college students. Select courses will also help high school students with advanced placement (AP) and college-admission exams.

“The summer slide is a very real challenge faced by many American students and it can be detrimental to their overall educational development,” edX CEO Anant Agarwal said. “Online learning, because it offers free and openly available tools and resources, enables motivated students to combat this head-on.”

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