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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Millennials Looking for More from Education

A survey last year by IdeaPaint found that the education industry gets low marks from its millennial employees on using brainstorming meetings to generate ideas as well as on supporting collaboration among co-workers.

“Millennials are rapidly expanding the traditional college classroom, demanding more online learning solutions and a more collaborative atmosphere between students and teachers,” Zach Cutler, founder of the public relations firm the Cutler Group, wrote in The Huffington Post. “If higher-education institutions take note, they’ll be ready not only for Gen Y, but also for the upcoming Gen Z.”

According to Cutler, millennials stay in school longer and colleges and universities need to be doing more to attract students into master’s programs. Institutions have also been slow to take advantage of massive open online courses at a time when millennials are becoming more comfortable with online learning.

Higher ed needs to find new, more collaborative approaches to learning, Cutler said. A study by New York University found that student retention rates were much higher when learning was more collaborative rather than simply a lecture or reading. Retention rates jumped to 90% when students were put into a teaching role.

“Millennials want to play a more active part in their own learning, and the best way to speak directly to these students is to put away the PowerPoint slide and get students more fully immersed in work,” Cutler wrote.

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