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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NASA Releases Software Catalog

NASA has released a software catalog of more than 1,000 apps available free to the public. A PDF version is available online and a printed version will follow on May 21.

Software comprises about a third of the innovations developed by NASA each year. The agency’s goal is to get its software to as many people as possible.

“Traditionally, our [apps] were distributed at different offices and labs around the country, so we needed to gather everything in one place,” Daniel Lockney, manager of the NASA technology transfer program, told Information Week Government. “We’re excited about the potential of this catalog because of how valuable it can be.”

Each app has been assigned a tag that shows the software release authority (SRA) to contact to acquire the item. Users then must request the item by email using the case-number prefix.

While most of the software is scientific in nature, there could be an application or two that would be of interest for collegiate retailers. But truth be told, it’s just kind of neat to browse.

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