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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

College Putting All Classes Online

Rollins College in Winter Park, FL, plans to go all-online by fall 2017, according to the campus publication, The Sandspur.

The school is moving all coursework online into Blackboard and other virtual environments. Since most students will be able to connect with their classes via Internet from anywhere they can get online service, Rollins has decided it no longer needs space for classes to meet. The college will sell off most of its lecture halls to finance the technology infrastructure.

One wealthy student has already expressed interest in acquiring one of the halls to convert into a private residence.

Use of print textbooks will be abolished in favor of e-books or any other online material the professor chooses. “Simply put,” commented Vice-Vice Director of Education Eli Nobbes, “Wikipedia is a great place for accurate summaries, and fanfiction is quickly replacing what, for many years, has been uncontested ‘classics’ with more modern, and superior, adaptations.”

Rollins plans to keep its campus library but intends to ditch the books and convert the space into a technology center.

If all of this sounds a little extreme, be sure to catch the very last sentence in The Sandspur report.

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