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Monday, July 22, 2013

Study: Campuses Lack BYOD Policies

A new study found that while university chief information officers understand that the ability to bring your own device (BYOD) is becoming more important, most schools have no BYOD policies in place.

Education Dive, a survey of 50 CIOs from around the United States, reported that 76% of their institutions had no BYOD policies even though 74% admitted it’s becoming a bigger issue for campus administrators. The findings were similar to results from the Association of Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education, which found that 60% of respondents are worried about their ability to meet the demand of more mobile devices on campus, but just 40% were planning to address the issue.

The Education Dive report also asked about the types of mobile devices coming to campus and found that 72% of the students were using Apple iPads in school, with 60% bringing iPhones and 38% carrying an Android phone.

However, another survey found that 84% of its student respondents use a computer to study and just one in five regularly study on a mobile device. The Future of Education also reported that just half of the students queried felt they needed to attend a traditional classroom to get an education, while  39% said education will become more virtual and 19% anticipate they will be able to use social media in the classroom.

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