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Monday, July 29, 2013

Microsoft Cuts Surface Tablet Prices

While Microsoft isn’t talking about how the Surface RT is selling, it is cutting its price on the tablet. The device was offered to schools and higher education institutions at a special discounted price at the TechEd conference in May and now that discount is open to everyone.

Microsoft is offering its least-expensive 32 GB Surface RT model without a keyboard cover for $349 on its web site, trimming $150 off the original price. The same machine with the keyboard cover has gone from $599 to $449 and a unit with double the memory and a keyboard cover is now $549 instead of $699.

Microsoft could be trying to move units ahead of updates to both Surface RT and Surface Pro. Rumors have also surfaced that Microsoft is planning a switch to a new processor that would allow it to increase the Internet connectivity of the devices.

However, industry-watchers also estimate Microsoft has sold just 1.5 million units since the Surface launched in October, leaving it far behind in a field dominated by the Apple iPad and the Amazon Fire.

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