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Friday, July 19, 2013

Students Engaged on New Platform

BlikBook is a social engagement platform for higher education that is being used in courses at a third of the universities in England and Ireland. That helped the developer raise more than $1.5 million in funding and has the British firm looking at bringing it to the United States.

Students and instructors are able to connect online by posting a specific question on BlikBook and anyone logged into the course can provide the answer. The responses can be shared through social media and students receive a notification each time a new answer is posted.

The platform also allows instructors to monitor students and the progress they are making in the class outside of traditional means, such as homework or a quiz.

“With BlikBook, a professor can see which students are engaging and which are not,” Cheyne Tan, managing director of BlikBook, told eCampus News. “He can see which students are influential, which are not. Where there are issues and where there are not. It’s building a picture of what’s happening inside the classroom but also outside.” 

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