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Monday, October 22, 2012

Students on Digital: Keep It Coming

The 2012 Center for Applied Research Undergraduate Technology Survey, an annual study conducted by Educause, shows that the more technology is offered students, the more they want.

There has either been a changing of the guard in higher-ed classrooms or professors are finally warming up to infusing technology—open educational resources, learning management systems, games and simulations, and web-based videos—into their teaching methods.

In 2010, 47% of students reported most of their instructors used technology effectively. That number leaped to 68% this year. Regardless of the reasons, technology is being adopted and students are eating it up, at least for the most part.

Educators may be doing a better job of implementing technology, but they may have to work on teaching students how to us it. A large majority—two-thirds— of students felt they were inadequately prepared to use the technologies, according to the study.

The findings of the survey are based on a representative sample of 10,000 responses from U.S. undergraduates from all types of institutions.

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