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Monday, January 4, 2010

Neotake search engine for e-books

The Teleread blog recently featured a posting about an impressive new search engine that indexes all e-book files on the Internet. The search engine is called Neotake and it allows users to search for e-books in 14 languages and six formats. The formats include: ePub, PDF, Mobipocket, Plucker, Qioo, or TXT. Users that own devices such as the Sony Reader and Nook can download ePub files and Kindle users can find Mobipocket e-books via the mobile version of Neotake. Teleread reports that the mobile version is very user friendly and works great with the Kindle.

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Jose said...

At Neotake, we have incorporated a new filter by category.


* Philosophy.
* History and geography.
* Social sciences.
* Natural sciences.
* Technology and engineering.
* Industry and commerce.
* The arts.
* Entertainment, lifestyle and sport.
* Fiction.

Now there are four combinable filters:by category, by price, by language and by format.