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Friday, January 29, 2010

Elsevier and Follett enhance e-book offerings

This week, both Elsevier and Follett announced changes to their digital textbook offerings. According to a press release from Elsevier, the company has launched an interactive digital learning platform called Pageburst. The new platform will feature e-textbooks that do not expire, integrated multimedia, text-to-speech, social networking tools, and an integrated instructor grade book. Students can also download an app for their iPhone/iPod Touch and potentially the iPad. Currently, 550 e-textbooks are available on Pageburst.

Follett has announced that it will begin offering a Try Now, Buy Later program for its CafeScribe eBook platform. Students and professors will be able to download the e-books for free for seven days before purchasing. According to the press release, this will give students a chance to try out the digital version and will assist students that are not able to obtain a print copy of a textbook at the beginning of the semester because it is temporarily out of stock.

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