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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Will pairing video games with books intrigue young readers?

There was an interesting piece in the New York Times earlier this week regarding the pairing of video games with books to intrigue young readers. The article mentions the various studies that have been conducted and the many opinions associated with each to prove and disprove the theory. One portion of the article that I found interesting discusses how teachers are embracing the fast paced, image laden world of games and exploring ways to incorporate video games into the classroom in hope that the children will be drawn to reading. In New York, there is even support for creating a public school based on video game concepts. It will be interesting to see if methods such as these really motivate children to pick up books or if they will skip the reading in favor of the game. Perhaps teachers will find that a proven learning game such as role playing which allows students to play an active role is more effective and does not require the digital dependence. If video gaming in the classroom is the way of the future and students become accustomed to this learning method, it is sure to have an affect on their ability to learn in conventional ways as they progress through higher education. This in turn will have implications on the learning materials offered at all levels.


Melvin said...

I think this method would work, pairing Video Games with Books can definitely attract young readers. I have seen a music artist pairing her music album with a short story book that she wrote and end up having a successful sale both on her books and her music album.

Sherryl said...

Certainly video games are attracting to young people. No doubt about it. Pairing it with books? It will depend on how the teacher combine these two. The method of teaching is more important than the Addicting Games themselves. Mastery is one. Educational games are widely used nowadays in societies, and they are making a progress, I think.