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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Could video game learning be the way of the future?

There was another interesting article published last week discussing the use of video games in the classroom and the associated learning benefits. While many teachers and experts remain skeptical if gaming should be considered a successful learning method, teachers in New York City have experienced proven results with a fast-paced video game that quizzes students on algebra topics. The teachers say that students enjoy the game so much they even come in early, stay after school and play at home. One topic that is not directly discussed in this article is the concept of winning and its affect on student interest. Not only do students enjoy playing the game for its entertainment benefits but they have the opportunity to be the best in the class if they can answer more questions correctly than their peers. This gives students the drive to learn and study more on their own. And really, what student doesn’t want to be the smartest in the class? Could video game learning be the way of the future?

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Kiara said...

I don't think neither of these video game nor Download Games can be the way of future. Video game can be incorporated in teachings but letting it alone for students to learn fully? Nope. It enhances the enjoyment, and keep the learning fun and not some kind of boring like the typical lessons. But I would still go for the combination of both.