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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Used Book Blog

Today's post is a simple one -- an interesting blog I came across while looking for something else. It is the Used Book Blog, but actually has a number of pieces of information on digital content, course materials and technology. It has some other stories and links of interest to readers of this blog as well. One recent story I found interesting (among the TextbookTorrent and Kindle postings) is one for LibraryThingLocal, a tool that can be used to locate stores and find out what events they are hosting. That could be a useful tool for some of the readers of this list.

As a side note: I apologize that my posting this week has been a bit erratic, and the next couple may be more of the same. I will do my best to keep a regular daily post going between travel, work, vacation, and knee surgery. We are taking some steps, though that should help produce more content and input on this blog within the next month.

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