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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Readius Returns

I mentioned the new Readius e-reader about 6 months ago, but an article in the NYTimes over the weekend has an interesting piece on the technology. The innovation of the Readius over other e-readers is use of the new flexible/rollable displays.

The above picture link can be seen more clearly in the original article. The display uses eInk technology, as we see in the Kindle and Sony displays, and will probably cost slightly more than the Kindle. It is expected to be available in the US early in 2009, following earlier releases in the UK, Italy and Germany this fall.

Flexible displays are an interesting and important step forward and could enable a whole range of new products and services -- beyond more rugged and flexible e-readers. The Readius will also use an innovation on active matrix technology, which could ultimately enable both color and an image quality comparable to many LCDs. Apparently the company demo'd a color version a few weeks ago. This seems like a technology to watch.

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