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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Teens and cellphones...

On the road, so here is a quick factoid for today -- we all know teens love their cell phones, but a new study shows just how much. The study also found that cell phone adoption is more pervasive among teenage girls than teenage boys. By age 17, 91 percent of girls have a cell phone, compared to 78% of boys at the same age. At age 13, 57% of teenagers have cell phones. These same teenagers will be on our campus in short order. The cliche about this being the "mobile generation" is certainly true -- and means stores and campuses need to rethink how they communicate with students.

In a related press release, a new technology aimed at college students helps address the challenge of knowing where students are during an emergency and can be used to provide messaging. It is a interesting technology, and could have other applications as well.


Jeff S said...

22% of the boys don't want to be constantly nagged on by the 91% of those same girls. Just maybe?

M said...

I don't want to touch that comment. I am sure there are other factors here.