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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Making a better blog...

I am traveling today, but want to throw out a question or two to readers of this blog:

What would it take to make this blog an even more valuable resource to you, the readers, over the next 30 days? What would it take to make the blog good enough that you would want to share it with at least one colleague on campus or in another college store?

The blog now has readers in almost every state (just missing Alaska) and over 45 countries representing every continent (except Antartica), with 200-300 regular readers every week. Clearly the ideas and information posted here have some value or interest given the number of repeat visitors, but as the Japanese are perhaps fond of saying, "Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved upon." So I ask, what would it take to make this blog better?

One idea I got from Innovate that I plan to try is that as I travel around I get to talk to lots of store managers and campus folks. Going forward, I will be trying to get short (2 minute) videos from people on what they are doing in their store that is innovative, or what they are doing related to digital content delivery, or perhaps other topics related to themes that have appeared on this blog. Ultimately, we would like to capture enough video clips that stores could use them as a resource of "good ideas" or "lessons learned" or even regarding "greatest challenges." If you would like to create your own 2-3 minute clip capturing an idea or something you did or learned that you would like to share with the college store community, pass along the link (although please keep it clean and constructive).

Thanks for reading-

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