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Monday, October 12, 2009

Forrester expects e-reader sales to exceed prior prediction

Sarah Rotman Epps of Forrester Research has released a new report entitled, “Forrester’s eReader Holiday Outlook 2009” which says that e-readers sales in 2009 will likely exceed its prior prediction of two million devices. Forrester is now predicting that three million e-readers will be sold this year with 900,000 of the devices selling during November and December for the holiday season. A posting from the Forrester Research blog says that e-reader sales are growing quicker than expected due to better retail distribution, media buzz, additional content, and reduced pricing of e-readers.

As for 2010, Forrester predicts that Barnes & Noble will become a serious competitor to Amazon and consumers will have a larger variety of e-reader devices to choose from including those which do not use E Ink but include color and video. In addition, tablet devices and dual-screen devices that have both E Ink and LCD screens will be introduced. Forrester expects that e-reader sales will double in 2010 to bring the total number of devices sold to 10 million.

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