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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Interview with E Ink’s VP of Marketing

A posting on E-Ink-Info’s website, features an interview with E Ink’s VP of Marketing, Siram Peruvembra. The interview discusses E Ink’s current offerings, the recent acquisition by PVI, and the future of E Ink. Of particular interest is Mr. Peruvembra’s response to the question: What should we expect from readers in 2-3 years? What will the displays look like? Mr. Peruvembra commented, “In 2-3 years, there will be more content available in eReaders, they will be available in more countries around the world, in more designs and price ranges, they will be more robust and give you better user experience overall. E Ink and its partners and customers will drive this trend. Our displays will be more rugged to suit devices made for school children, our displays will be available in various sizes to suit different applications that can generate additional revenues from advertisements, our displays will depict monochrome and color images and our displays will bend so that the customer’s device won’t break.”

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