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Sunday, June 28, 2009

CrunchPad tablet

A recent posting on TechCrunch features some interesting pictures of a new tablet in development. The device is known as the CrunchPad and the idea for it came about because Michael Arrington of TechCrunch wanted a device that he couldn’t buy – a simple, cheap, touch screen LCD tablet for reading and surfing the web.

In a prior posting, Arrington explains the device, “This machine isn’t for data entry. But it is for reading emails and the news, watching videos on Hulu, YouTube, etc., listening to streaming music on MySpace Music and imeem, and doing video chat via tokbox. The hardware would consist of netbook appropriate chipsets (Intel Atom or Via Nano), at least a 12 inch screen, a camera for photos and video, speakers and a microphone. Add a single USB port, power in and sound out, and you’re done. If you want more features, this ain’t for you.”

TechCrunch is currently working to bring the device to market and plans to discuss the CrunchPad next month at a press event in Silicon Valley.

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