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Friday, June 5, 2009

E-paper/LCD screen for netbooks

An article from PCWorld features a new hybrid e-paper/LCD screen for netbooks that could make the devices viable competitors in the e-reader space. The 10.1 inch screen was developed by start-up company, Pixel Qi, and is designed to work in black and white e-paper mode, and two LCD color modes for indoor and outdoor use. The e-paper mode is designed for reading e-books and documents while the color modes can be used for the internet, videos, etc. The e-paper mode also helps extend battery life because the backlighting is turned off. The screens could be available in netbooks by the end of this year, giving the devices more capabilities than current e-readers but a similar price tag. A video demonstration of the Pixel Qi screen can be found on the E-Ink-Info website.

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