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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Question on college stores in other countries...

With readers of this blog now coming from over 85 different countries, and having heard from stores in about 5 or 6 countries, I would like to pose a question. What are college stores like in other countries? Are you grappling with digital textbooks yet? What other issues do you have? What things are happening in college stores in your country that you believe is innovative or unique?

These questions came to my mind, not just as I was looking at the blog traffic reports this week, but as I prepare to make a couple trips to Russia and some other countries. We will be spending some time in Yeketerinburg, home to over a dozen academic institutions. So I began to wonder if those inistitutions had college stores or not. Anyone know the answer or like to share their experiences of college stores and/or textbooks in other countries?

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